Custom Interiors

After your home and your workplace, you spend more time in your automobile than anywhere else. Why not upgrade some interior features to make your car a more comfortable place to be? Questions? There are many affordable upgrades to your automobile's interior that will simply wow you! Schedule your appointment today!

Our interior cleaning and customization services include:

  • Car smoke removal – to give your car a clean, fresh smell
  • Carbon fiber vinyl wrapping – perfect for sharpening the look of dashboards and consoles
  • Carpet extraction machine cleaning – to make those floorboards look like new
  • Carpet dyeing – we’ll locate whatever color you’re looking for
  • Factory-fitted carpet replacement – for the wear-and-tear our car’s floors accrue over time
  • Headliner replacements – to keep your interior ceiling from sagging
  • Interior LED lighting – we can even sync it to the beats coming out of your speakers!
  • Leather kits – upgrade from your cloth interior to give your automobile the feeling of luxury
  • Pet hair removal – for your precious, backseat cargo that sheds; we also handle flea infestation
  • Wood kits – another affordable way to make your dash look sleek


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